We caught 2 of the shows this year (Solas and Mipso) and were thoroughly impressed with theevents.  Great job!  I was surprised that there weren’t more ‘younger’ folks there for either of the 2 we were there for.  Being 39 and 42, wefelt young (Not a bad thing).  My generation has little taste I guess. Thanks for putting the series together and we look forward to others.

- Jason Tuisku - 6/30/14


Well done! Thanks for doing this series, and keep it going. It really complements all that makes Boise great and speaks to your influence and your talents in the music industry. Great job Andy and crew!

- Mike Walsh - 6/30/14


It was all so much fun.   My favorite was Mipso !   They were amazing !  

Thanks, Andy

- Blake London - 6/30/14



Hi Andy,
I was just going thru all the new CD's I've gotten in the last few months - and wanted to say thanks! to you for all the great music so far this year! You have really made a huge impact on what we have an opportunity to hear and I so appreciate it. 
Mipso - wow!  They were great in Cascade, too - we drove up there so we could hear them again.  

Hope all is going well and looking forward to this fall and more music! 
Let me know if I can help - although you seem to have it well in hand.  :)

- Terry Harper - 6/25/14



We are just back to NC and already missing Idaho! We are so grateful for the opportunity you gave us to perform in Boise. It was an awesome evening for us and we met a lot of great people who I expect we’ll see down the road at other shows. You know well the difficulties we face as a young band trying to spread our music across the nation, and I hope alongside that you realize what a rarity you are as a promoter. It’s rare we work with someone so generous and kind, and we are full of gratitude.  I know you worked hard to fill the room, and we can’t thank you enough! We’ll look forward to seeing you again next time we are in Idaho. All the best and keep up the great series. 


- Mipso – 6/23/14



MIPSO EXCELENT! I would definitely support your series with more acts like them! TERRIFIC SHOW.             

- Sharon Grovers – 6/20/14



Awesome! Best surprise in Boise. Thanks.            

-Amy Thomson – 6/20/14



Music is great, show is great, variety is great!            

-Anonymous – 6/20/14



We just discovered The Sapphire Room & The Andy Byron series earlier this season & we are loving it! Keep up the awesome work.             

- David & Kelly Sasso – 6/20/14



Love what you are doing. Keep it up! This is really great and fun. ENJOYED IT!

- Colleen Beltran – 6/20/14



Just hanging out in the shop with Peter Rowan's CD knocking out some fine tunes... I vote that show as the best one I have ever attended.. Thanks to Andy for putting it together.You and the A.B music series have put Boise on the map as one of the best music scenes west of Austin.  Thank you for doing it! Keep it up......After 30 plus years in Boise, I have never seen it any better than

this. I will send you an invite to our next event here at the Pergola Stage (Less than 100 private gig) It is a inside look up and close to the talent we have here in Boise.


-Glen Wersch – 5/25/14

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