Peter Bradley Adams at the Sapphire Room



Sapphire Room - The Riverside Hotel

Support: Andy Byron with special guest Thomas Paul


Peter Bradley Adams

"Adams is fast developing as a songwriter who both inspires and questions"
- Nic Harcourt / Los Angeles Times Magazine - Jan 2010

" of the 21st-century writers whose songs are worth exploring."
- Wall Street Journal - 2009

"one of the most consistently eloquent and pleasing singer / songwriters on the scene. Indeed, his brand of musical melancholy is so specific and evocative that, sometimes, listening through his catalog is the only way to survive a moment or a day." 
- No Depression - 2014 

"...Adams fuses intimate, emotionally powerful lyrics with graceful, low-key roots-based indie folk on his fifth solo effort, The Mighty Storm  both soothing and challenging" 
- All Music Guide - 2014 

"an organic record, executed with precision and feeling... possessed of a coherent musical vision and emotional resonance that stands above the crowd. T Bone Burnett would be likely to give this one a nod."
- Minor 7th - 2014 

"...The Mighty Storm, his fifth album, recorded in Nashville, is a wondrous, poetic collection of enchanting songs" 
- Entertainment Realm Blog - 2014