January 22, 2016 - BOISE, IDAHO

Sapphire Room - The Riverside Hotel

Support: The Mighty Red Melons



Pinto Bennett L.C.D. esteemed senior fellow at "The Tuck Institute, Richmond Upon Thames," dynamic after-dinner speaker and honky-tonk musician.
Having had interesting livestock and naval careers, Bennett began touring the American West in country music bands:
* 1970’s: Bobby Jones and the Outlaws, Tarwater, Pinto Bennett Band
* 1980’s to early 1990's: Famous Motel Cowboys--California, Nashville, U.K., Ireland, Europe
* 1990's to 2005: Solo, as well as Memphis Roots, Trio Pinto--Nashville, U.K., Europe, (phew!) ... back home.

Anyone who has ever worked with a road band will tell you it's the hardest work they ever did! "I stay busy enough nowadays doin’ benefits for veterans, a gig now ‘n then, and chapel at the VA hospital on Sundays," says Pinto Bennett.