A Special Tribute to Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings With The Mighty Red Melons

Friday, March 31, 2017, 8 p.m. - BOISE, IDAHO

Sapphire Room - The Riverside Hotel

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From out of the dingy smoke filled barrooms of Austin in the 60's...to the tableclothed, wine-glassed, safe, blue light bathed luxury of the Sapphire Room in Boise, comes the outlaw sound of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.  Steel guitar, Fender telecaster based honky tonk without the chicken wire stage protector or three hundred pound bouncers at the door. Not much of this music is around anymore, played by musicians who love it and grew up on that electric country western twang, and wooden dance floors filled with swing dancers on weekend neon nights. 

The Mighty Red Melons play hard core honky tonk...created by Andy Byron and Randy Meenach.  Put on your boots and bolo ties and spend an evening with The Outlaw Texas Sound.  Dance, drink, eat and swing to "Whiskey River,"  "Nothing I Can Do About It Now,"  "Good Hearted Woman,"  "I've Always Been Crazy"...and many more C/W hits! 

Opening is Twangtown! Hear Lisa Theo and her great vintage country band playing classic western, jazz and swing. It's going to be a cool night of the real deal, in The Sapphire Room!